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Aug 16, 2013 7:00pm EDT
on the barbie. ( grunting snorts ) get in! get in! ( grunting ) come on, homer, jump! ohh... when will detroit build a sunroof for the husky gentleman? ( screams ) oh! ( whimpering ) hey, anybody seen homer today? ( screaming ) there he goes. oh, thank you, god! and thank you, porta-john. you really saved my... ( screams ) who's out there? ( screams ) oh, i'm going to die. jesus, allah, buddha-- i love you all! ( tires squealing ) oh, no! she's not going to make it! hmm. looks like it's time for plan "b." one, two three... "b"! ( tires squealing ) it's okay, homey. you can come out now. uh, give me a minute. oh, marge, you saved me. wow. you are so much cooler than milhouse's mom. yeah, way to channel that rage, simpson. how did you know your plan would work, mom? thanks for asking. well, i was watching dateline and stone philips said s.u.v.s always roll over when you turn sharply and the gas tanks explode at the drop of a hat. and she also knew, if the rhino sees a flame he'll instinctively try to put it out. stone philips again. is there anything that guy doesn't know? why, this stone philip
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1